Seminar themes

Overview about the Seminar themes

Each seminar theme will stretch over approximately two months during which we will bring together international scholars, regional scholars, and local scholars to present original work in seminars, participate in roundtable discussions, teach graduate classes, and meet with students. The particular combination of seminars, classes, roundtables, and informal meetings will be different in each theme, depending on the availability of scholars, thematic focus, and creative possibilities for thinking, engaging, and teaching. Throughout the year, an intensive reading group will run alongside the seminar series in order to engage key literatures that will prepare students and staff for close engagement with the programme’s themes and with the work of visiting scholars. Visiting scholars will be invited to spend approximately two weeks at Stellenbosch, in pairs or small groups where possible, so that their synergies can spark creative thinking and create a dynamic conversation that will inspire the SU community. We envisage that this programme will engage with and contribute to a broader agenda for transforming graduate training in anthropology at Stellenbosch that will produce a cadre of theoretically astute, sensitive observers of the human condition located in the global South. The seminar series will help to inform the development of a new programme that the Department will be launching in 2015 in critical health and development studies.