The Chair 
This intervention revisits the University of Stellenbosch Museum’s “anthropology” and “cultural history” archive, setting out to unearth the narratives embedded in the material culture of the institution.   
Drawing on the methodologies of Institutional Critique where attention was placed on museums as institutions that produce ideologies of cultural containment, cultural hierarchy and cultural legitimacy, museology is employed as medium to comment on how various past and present discourses of power operate throughout the institution. 
Centered around the concept of the chair (as head; seat; object), it explores the relationship between the museum as institution and the institution of the university and their roles in the production and accumulation of meaning, knowledge and capital. The collection of objects on display throughout this exhibtion was collaborativley curated with the InZync Poetry collective and is organized according to the following themes: burial ground, obsolete knowledges, past-presents and reflection/testimony.
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