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Dear Prof de Villiers and members of the Rector’s Management Team

A group of approximately 75 concerned staff met today to discuss the crisis within our university and higher education sector.

At the opening, the meeting was addressed eloquently by students from the #StelliesFeesMustFall movement.  We support their commitment to ‘high discipline and high morale’, which they have consistently demonstrated. We are concerned about the health and safety of students involved in the protest.

After an open discussion, we resolved that:

1)      The Rector’s Management Team withdraws the interdict against the 9 individuals and the #OpenStellenbosch movement immediately. Without the removal of the interdict, there can be no peaceful resolution of the current impasse.

2)      The Rector’s Management Team meets openly as a matter of urgency with staff, and opens a clear channel of communication with all staff.

3)      The University must find a resolution to the confusion that we and our students are experiencing around the exams, recognising that in the current climate it is impossible for students to study.

This statement was drafted by a working group, on behalf of concerned staff at Stellenbosch University:

Cherryl Walker, Khayaat Fakier, Ledelle Moe, Colijn Strydom, Ronelle Carolissen, Rob Pattman, Anita Jonker, Sasha-Leigh Williams, Debra Shepherd, Eldridge Moses, Thomas Cousins

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